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d train, whose length is some 8▓0m, can accommodate up to 1,000 people. Each carriage▓ is some 19m long, 2.8m wide and 3.8m high.After taking a short ride, the Vietnamese deputy minister got off the train at Van Quan Station, and▓ entered a control room full of computers and technical boards on its walls.One of the big boa▓rds bears a Vietnamese sentence "Diagram o▓f Electricity Supply System for Urban Railway in Hanoi, Vie▓tnam". Another board features buttons, switches and name tags whic

h say "Escalator", "Anti-fire pump" and▓ "Smoke-discharging fan".Chinese technician

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short-sighted gl▓asses, glued their eyes to computer screens, while Do▓ng and Vietnamese reporters listened to presentations a▓bout technical issues.According to Vu Hong P▓huong, vice head of the Cat Linh-Ha Dong railway project management unit, the railway's trial operation is of significance because

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it ensures safe and sound commercial operation to serve people in the next few mon▓ths."We are checking the smooth combination of equipment▓ in the whole system. We are al

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tion and equipment, including stairways, escalators and elevators," Phuong said.Regarding personnel for the urban railway, a ▓number of Vietnamese people have been sent to China for training, and others have been trained

in Vietnam▓, Phuong said, noting that they will gradually master relevant technologies and techniques t▓o well manage, operate and maintain the ▓whole railway system."The trains' average speed ▓is 35 km per hour," although they can run

at twice of ▓that speed, he said, noting that the short distance of so▓me 1 km between two adjacent stations make it hard for trains to travel at their maximum speed.Inside one train on Thursday, many local reporters were busy t